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Arizona Kosher Resorts is indeed known for providing a comprehensive and convenient kosher experience for its guests, we understand the importance of convenience and ensuring that all your kosher needs are met. Our private villas offer a range of amenities and services to enhance your stay:

  • Kosher Kitchen Facilities: The fully kosher kitchen in each villa is equipped with kosher modern appliances, dishes, utensils, and cookware.
  • Kosher Outdoor Grill: The villas feature a backyard patio with a kosher outdoor grill for guests to enjoy grilling delicious meals while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
  • Bedrooms: The villas provide spacious bedrooms with two or more beds, accommodating families, friends, or couples comfortably.
  • Mezuzas: Mezuzas are affixed to all doors, creating an enriching environment for guests.
  • Shabass/Havdalah: Arizona kosher Resorts conveniently provide necessary items for Shabass and Havdalah.
  • Sukkah/Kashering for Pesach: The option of a sukkah and kashering for Pesach is available, allowing guests to have a complete kosher vacation experience without having to handle these preparations themselves.
  • Community Info and Attractions binder: Guests receive in their villa a binder with necessary community information and a catalog of nearby attractions.
  • Local Kosher Grocery: Guests have 24-hour access to the local kosher grocery store through a private account at the checkout kiosk.
  • Shuls and Mikva: The proximity of Shabass shuls and mikva provides guests with easy nearby access.
  • Onsite Manager: The presence of a knowledgeable onsite manager makes it possible that guests' needs are met and that they receive needed assistance throughout their stay.

These amenities and services plus many more, clearly reflect Arizona Kosher Resorts' passion to providing a hassle-free and memorable stay for their guests while catering to their kosher requirements.

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