Arizona Kosher Resorts Terms and Conditions

Our goal at Arizona Kosher Resorts is to make sure your stay at our kosher villas turns into the best vacation you ever had.
Guests who finalize their booking on automatically enter a legally binding agreement with Arizona Kosher Resorts as detailed in the terms and conditions below. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions is considered a breach of contract, and guests may be forced to lose their reservation and forfeit payment.

Villa Usage

  • The name of the guest listed on the reservation, is considered to be solely and fully responsible for all those accompanying in the stated agreed rental property. It is also the head guest listed on the reservations , responsibility to ensure that all guests are familiar with the terms of this legally binding agreement.
  • The total number of both adults and children cumulatively, must not exceed the number of guest, the rental property can provide accomodations for.
  • All guests are responsible for maintaining both the indoor and outdoor property appearance. Guests may not in any way alter or make additions to any part of the contents and or structure of the rental property.
  • All furniture may not be removed from the rental property, nor may any furniture be moved around within the home between rooms or moved from the area of which it is located at the rental property. Should there be any removal or displaced items within the home there will be an additional $300 charge for a crew member to put it back in its original placement.
  • All towels, linen, small appliance and/or any household items, may not be removed from the rental property. In house towels should not be used for pool towels,. Failure to oblique by this, will result in an additonal charge of the cost to repair and/or replace the damaged item(s) plus a 20% additonal purchasing fee.
  • Upon departure of all guests from the rental property, should there be any damages accessed to the internal andor external structure or its contents, you will be charged to the credit card on file accordingly, once the cost to repair or replace is calculated.
  • The reserved rental property is not to be used for large gatherings (of religious nature, or otherwise), more than allowance of rental property occupancy, Parties are prohibited and will cause the removal of the guests from the rental property, forfeiting the payment of the rental property.
  • In order to preserve the residential nature of the neighborhood, excessive noise and/or any other disturbing activity may lead to guests eviction, forfeiting any payments that have been made.
  • Vehicles must be parked in driveway. Most neighborhood homeowners associations prohibit excessive street parking. In the eventuality that the homeowner of the rental property is ticketed for excessive street parking, ticket charges will be applied to guests
  • Check in time is at 4:00 pm, Check out time is at 11:00 am. Should you not depart the rental property by 11 am, you will be charged $200 for late check out fees.


  • All reservations for our rental properties are a minimum of a 4 night stay.
  • Guests may not alter access to any points of entry at the rental property. This includes tampering with combination codes, bolts, and the like. If any points of entry have been tampered with, an applicable fee will be charged to the guests credit card on file.
  • Guests may not try to access closets, rooms, and/or any other space within the rental property that has been cordoned off or locked.
  • Upon departure, the villa must be broom cleaned. Failure to leave a broom clean home that results in excessive cleaning being necessarily will result in an additional $350 cleaning fee.
  • Guests must inspect the rental property upon arrival and promptly notify management via email, if they noticed anything within the rental property damaged or inadequate in any which way. Arizona kosher resorts will try its best to repair any damage reported within 24 hours.

Payment Terms and Fees

  • A valid credit card must be on file for all reservations.
  • Complete payment is due 30 days before the reservation arrival date.
  • Guests are responsible for any associated payment fees for all payment methods.


  • If the reserved rental property is not habitable on the reservation arrival date, guests will be granted a replacement rental property or a 100% refund. Arizona Kosher Resorts is not responsible for travel reimbursements and/or other related expenses.
  • Failed travel plans, cancelled flights, inclement weather conditions, or other circumstances which may either delay and/or cause the need to complete cancellation of the reservations is not the responsibility of Arizona Kosher Resorts and the guests is 100% responsible to complete the payment for the exisitng reservations.

Pool Rules

  • Pools may only be used as intended. Pool parties, overcrowding, excessive and aggressive pool play is strictly prohibited. All guests release Arizona Kosher Resorts from any and all liabilities of any occurances and/or accidents that may occur in the pool area of the above said rental property.
  • Extreme vigilance and safety adherance must be enforced by the head of reservations for all guests at the rental property, within the pool area. No children are allowed to be in the pool area of the rental property, without a supervising adult presented in the pool areas.
  • Pool covers must be rolled back each evening to maintain heat and to maintain cleanliness.
  • The pool area must be secured at all times, and locked when not in use.
  • Any safety breach in the pool area must be reported to management immediately.
  • Children may never be left unattended in the pool area.
  • Some properties show a fence around the pool or patio, However No refunds or change of villa will be offered in the event that the fence is damaged or broken.
  • In the event that the pool heater is not working, Guest must promptly notify management via email, If we can not fix the problem within 24 hours guests will be granted a replacement rental property (If available)


  • Guests forfeit ownership of all items left in the villa upon departure. Goods may be utilized by homeowner, discarded, or donated to a charity of homeowner’s choice.
  • Management will make every attempt to repair power or mechanical failures in a timely manner. No refund will be awarded for such failures.
  • Management and/or owner has right of access under reasonable circumstances such as for repairs or other home improvements, as well as enforcement of guest rules. All attempts will be made to provide guests with notice of arrival, but if guests are not reached within a reasonable amount of time, management and/or owner may enter the premises at their discretion.


  • Arizona Kosher Resorts and homeowners are not liable for any harm or injury you may experience on the rental property. By booking your Arizona Kosher villa, the lead guest releases Arizona Kosher Resorts and homeowners from all liability for all guests in the rental party. You may not hold the aforementioned parties responsible for any accident, loss of property, theft, injury, illness, or death.

Google APIs

By saving your bookings to your Google Calendar, you give permission to create or delete; update individual calendar events; change settings, including who can see your events; and change sharing permissions to your Google Calendar and all calendars that are accessible via your Google Calendar. Your calendars may contain info like daily schedules, personal contacts and private appointments. will not store any data regarding a user's calendar on our servers, and will only use it to be able to add a booking to a user's calendar.