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Where can I see the location of the villas and the distance to the shul?

Explore the map on our website's homepage to easily locate the Shuls and Villas. Zoom in for a closer look. Additionally, on each villa's page, you'll find detailed descriptions that include the distance to nearby Shuls.

Where can I find answers to more questions or concerns?

You will very likely find them in our Terms and conditions.

What are my payment method options?

We currently accept all major credit card companies.

What makes your Villas Kosher?

You can read up more about this on the bottom of our homepage.

Why do you recommend purchasing Travel insurance?

Purchasing travel insurance is relatively easy, and there are lots of different options in the marketplace. It can cover the costs and losses associated with unexpected events incurred while traveling.

Are there kosher restaurants in the area?

The Phoenix neighborhood offers a selection of kosher restaurants. Additionally, Casa Grande offers take-out options with delivery service.

For more information, please visit the Visitor Info tab on our website or check out the Kehilla website at

What attractions are there in the area?

Feel free to explore the Visitor Info tab on our website to discover attractions that are located farther away. Once your reservation is confirmed, we can offer personalized recommendations for nearby places to visit, based on your interests.

Furthermore, upon your arrival at the villa, you will receive a pamphlet containing essential information and an extensive list of attractions available in the area.

Where can I see the address of a villa?

Arizona Kosher Resorts will send you the relevant information once the reservation is confirmed.

Is there a Grocery where I can stock up during my visit?

The Kehilla boasts a fully stocked kosher Grocery, with late hours and self-checkout.

What if I want to cancel a reservation within 24 hours of booking?

For information on this matter or similar inquiries, kindly refer to our terms and conditions.

Do you offer group rate discounts for multiple houses?

We are delighted to make an effort based on the season and availability. Feel free to share your group's requirements and budget, and we will explore the available options. However, please keep in mind that these options will be subject to availability, and discounts are typically not applicable during the high season.

Do you have a minimum night stay?

Yes. The minimum stay is 3 nights.

Do you provide linen and towels?

Absolutely. Every villa is equipped with linen and towels.